Binomo - convenient tool for trading

For those who make money online, binary options are no longer a novelty. Trading operations with this instrument allow you to get good income without much risk and provide an opportunity for a "soft" entry into the market. To get started, it is enough to have only $ 100, and many brokers offer an even lower entry threshold - $ 10-50. Options are a real earning opportunity.

Binomo investment platform

Online trading implies the presence of an intermediary platform that provides regulations, controls the technical side of operations and guarantees the quality of transactions. In the situation with binary options, such resources are called brokers.

However, there is a problem. It lies in the dubious reliability of both the broker itself and the services it provides. Traders with experience will immediately name more than one company that burst like a soap bubble, dissolving in time with people's money.

Even if you do not consider such a final, all the same, users still have complaints about the operation of many sites that relate to the timely withdrawal of money from the deposit to external accounts of clients, the honesty and accuracy of the terminals during active trading sessions.

In this article, we want to tell you about one of the best, in our opinion, binary options broker - Binomo company.

Binomo – options trading innovator

What should a novice trader be guided by when choosing a trading platform? Only on the reviews of their colleagues. The broker always speaks well of himself, advertising, in principle, is created with one purpose - to show only the best sides, expert reviews are often paid for and only people's reviews allow you to see the real picture.


“I came to options after Forexa. I personally tried several trading platforms from different brokers. About Binomo learned from advertisements, but spent a very long time studying people's feedback on forums. For 2017, I did not find a single negative message. This impressed me. I've been working on classic options for three months now, I don't use one-touch trading and don't use "turbo". Satisfied with absolutely everything! I will not show my income, but I work only here, and I have enough! Recommend »

Andrey, Moscow

Information about Binomo

A few technical parameters so that you could get an idea of ​​the company:

  • Start of work on the market - 2014.
  • CROFR Certification.
  • Four account types: "Demo", "Standard", "Gold", "VIP".
  • The minimum transaction is $ 1 or the equivalent in rubles.
  • The minimum deposit is $ 10 or the equivalent in rubles.
  • Return on assets 85–87%.
  • Access to a huge number (over 100) of instruments: currency, metals, stocks, etc.
  • Own trading platform, mobile version (Android and IOS) available.
  • Work in 7/24 mode.
  • Support for bank cards and payment systems of all well-known operators.
  • Regular tournaments for Binomo clients with a prize pool of $ 150 to $ 7000
  • A unique bonus program for beginners and advanced traders.

Binomo binary options is a rare opportunity to get income proportional to your own knowledge and perseverance, without cheating.

Another review:

“I am very scrupulous about fulfilling the stated obligations of any site on the network. I always pay money on time and in full, and expect the same attitude from others. Binomo is the only broker who has NEVER let down, neither with the withdrawal of funds, nor with the conclusion of transactions. I trade on a "gold" account. I don’t know about others, but here everything works as it should. ”

Maryana, Yekaterinburg

Features and benefits of Binomo

What makes Binomo special? After all, the listed conditions are a standard pool of most of the leading brokers of the binary options market.

Trading platform

Binomo's main advantage and justified pride is its own trading terminal, which allows you to conduct really comfortable and profitable trading. Its advantages are obvious:

  • equipping with basic indicators: MACD, Bollinger, Alligator, RSI, etc.;
  • work in two modes: compact and full screen;
  • two types of charts: line and candlestick;
  • laconic deal control panel;
  • unlimited number of open positions;
  • no delays in order execution.

Any trader with minimal trading experience knows that the main scourge of most exchange platforms is slippage. In situations where profit or loss depends on one-second decisions, a delay in order execution even by 2-3 seconds is critical. This is especially true for working on news and intraday strategies with a large number of quick trades.


“While working here, I forgot what slippage is. I buy and sell at prices that are beneficial to me and not to the broker. On other sites, the owners blamed the delay on the speed of my provider, but with the terminal Binomo, I don't notice such problems. Conclusions made. ”

Max, Peter


The second, after the dubious quality of the binary broker platforms, the problem is non-compliance with the announced conditions for withdrawing funds. Many marketplaces advertise payments within 24 hours, but in reality this procedure takes weeks. Moreover, the explanations can be very different, from an incorrectly executed client's application, to technical problems on the company's servers.

Binomo displays any amount during the day. There is nothing to add to this, except that the broker works with all major financial services operators. Available for calculations:

  • bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank;
  • Yandex Money, QIWI, Neteller and Webmoney.

A couple more reviews:

“I don’t know what kind of output problems you are talking about. Yesterday I took 28,000 rubles in three hours. Before that, I have withdrawn smaller amounts several times. ”

Igor, Odessa

“Working with their affiliate program, great! There is no risk at all, the income is more than buy / sell. I think I have found my calling! ”

Sergeevich, Novosibirsk

Certification & Security

Regarding the security issues of option trading in Binomo. The broker has a confirmed certification of the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets (Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets), which gives consumers confidence in the reliability of the company, and a guarantee of the return of funds lost in case of force majeure from the reserves of the organization's compensation fund.

About internal security. Both the broker's website and trading platform have the most advanced cryptographic protection created by the American company Comodo, the world's leading provider of certified firewall solutions.

On our own behalf, we add that for three years on the market, Binomo has never been noted in any high-profile incidents related to the loss of money and personal information of its customers.


“I don't believe our certifications. Yes, there were no problems, but not because Binomo has a license, but because the company itself works well. ”

Olga, Moscow


Both experts and ordinary users are unanimous when it comes to the system learning Binomo - it is the best thing on the Russian-speaking internet.

Starting with a demo account, which gives an opportunity for neophytes to get acquainted with binary options painlessly for a real deposit, and for traders with experience to hone their mastery of the chosen strategy, and ending with original training videos, in an easy form telling about the basic principles of binary trading, broker Binomo sets the level of leadership for everyone.

Endless contests and tournaments with real prizes and bonuses allow you to study, play and earn at the same time, while remaining in a safe position for your deposit.


“My husband and I do not risk real amounts for now, but we take part in tournaments regularly. I recently earned $ 150 of options and will start building my trading career with them! ”

Marina, NY


It may seem that this material was created to advertise a specific broker. This is partly true, but the motive is not money, but the author's sincere desire to help those who study the binary options market, want to try their hand, but fear losses and deception.

Start with Binomo. A professional, honest and reliable teacher is a rarity these days. You can always choose another site in the future, but for the start - this option is the best!

Happy deals!